Freitag, 25. April 2008

Another Xvid-Bugfix in testing

Plugh pointed out another minor bug in Xvid-1.1.3 affecting the choice of motion vectors (MVs). In some cases it is possible that Xvid choses a MV that is wrong. This should happen only in very high bitrate encodes, possibly only if quantizer 1 is allowed, as those MVs would be costing much bitrate according to syskin. A discussion of the problem was taking place at Doom9's forum.

I built a core dll and sent it to plugh so he can test if it works correctly. If it does I'll create a new installer and make it available on my website

By the way, it seems plenty of people still link to my old domain. I'd like to ask everyone out there to change the stolen domain koepi dot org in links to Otherwise you are supporting that domain thief (who copied all the old text content of the site and puts it on the stolen domain pretending to be me to increase his hits). He claims to sit in Istanbul/Turkey; maybe I can pull some strings there.

If anyone at google could simply replace the .org-domain with the .info in the databases it would be helping, too. I reported the old domain as spam, let's see if google will react!

Ok, off to work...


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