Samstag, 12. April 2008

Did it anyways

I added the one-line-patch of plugh to Xvid-1.1.3's encoder.c. That patch is already in CVS but wasn't back-ported to Xvid-1.1.3.

In encoder.c, change

frame->coding_type = B_VOP;
call_plugins(pEnc, pEnc->current, NULL, XVID_PLG_FRAME, NULL, NULL, NULL);


frame->coding_type = B_VOP;
call_plugins(pEnc, frame, NULL, XVID_PLG_FRAME, NULL, NULL, NULL);

The old code seems to have handed over the wrong frame to the plugin-system if the frame was a b-frame. There are two new builds up on my my webpage, the usual Xvid-1.1.3 and the one with the VAQ-patch from Dark Shikari.

Now I have to leave for shopping with my GF for the party we're having today -- celebrating her b-day a little later :-)



阿 林 (johnsonlam) hat gesagt…

Thanks Koepi!
Since X264 rollout seems everybody leave the XviD scene, is it too hurry to go for the new codec?
Still stick to XviD for a while, until X264 "mature" enough.

Koepi hat gesagt…

Well, x264 is just fine. But I don't have hardware for playback -- my standalone player just supports MPEG4 ASP. There is quite a lot of MPEG4 ASP hardware out there, while standalone players with MPEG4 AVC support are not. And I don't want to use a computer for living room playback :-)