Samstag, 12. April 2008

Did it anyways

I added the one-line-patch of plugh to Xvid-1.1.3's encoder.c. That patch is already in CVS but wasn't back-ported to Xvid-1.1.3.

In encoder.c, change

frame->coding_type = B_VOP;
call_plugins(pEnc, pEnc->current, NULL, XVID_PLG_FRAME, NULL, NULL, NULL);


frame->coding_type = B_VOP;
call_plugins(pEnc, frame, NULL, XVID_PLG_FRAME, NULL, NULL, NULL);

The old code seems to have handed over the wrong frame to the plugin-system if the frame was a b-frame. There are two new builds up on my my webpage, the usual Xvid-1.1.3 and the one with the VAQ-patch from Dark Shikari.

Now I have to leave for shopping with my GF for the party we're having today -- celebrating her b-day a little later :-)


2 Kommentare:

Johnson Lam (はやしとしお) hat gesagt…

Thanks Koepi!
Since X264 rollout seems everybody leave the XviD scene, is it too hurry to go for the new codec?
Still stick to XviD for a while, until X264 "mature" enough.

Koepi hat gesagt…

Well, x264 is just fine. But I don't have hardware for playback -- my standalone player just supports MPEG4 ASP. There is quite a lot of MPEG4 ASP hardware out there, while standalone players with MPEG4 AVC support are not. And I don't want to use a computer for living room playback :-)