Samstag, 12. April 2008

Too little time

I was hoping that I'd find the time to make new Xvid-builds with a small bugfix: As plugh pointed out, plugins may not be called correctly when using b-frames. It shouldn't be a big problem though.

Well, but then I had some days off and went to my future wife's place as it was her birthday this week, only armed with my little EeePC. I do have a windows-installation on a SDHC-card but didn't install any compilers, they simply wouldn't fit on that tiny 4GB card. So there's currently no way to use the EeePC for windows-development.

Now I'm home again, but still am busy with other things. My GFs sister wants a laptop, too, after my b-day-gift for my GF was a cheap, but nice HP 6715s. So I'm currently busy setting up another laptop instead of taking the time to add plugh's proposed bugfix and upload new binaries.


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