Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

VAQ-Build with experimental SMP

Some users over at Doom9's requested a build with the VAQ-patch based on sysKins old SMP-experimental-code. So I also created a new binary based on that code. The code base is over two years old though. Anyhow, I hope the build works!

...have to leave to work now.


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Gabe A. hat gesagt…

Could you build an updated one? There have been some minor changes to the CVS since your April 3 build, and a VAQ patch would be very useful.

The problem is, the tarball from didn't contain a ./configure script, so it's nigh impossible to do it on my own. If you have an older configure script, this would be fine...

So consider this a request for another 1.2-CVS-VAQ build. :)