Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

Xvid-build with h264's Variable Adaptive Quantization

I found some time to download and apply Dark Shikari's patch which adds the Variable Adaptive Quantization (VAQ) from h264 to Xvid. You can download the build at my website. To make compilation work with Intel compilers I had to move some variable declarations around but I'm quite positive that I didn't break anything.

I didn't test if the code works at all, I just compiled the new build and created a new installer. The installer works at least... You enable the code by activating Adaptive Quantization in the Xvid user interface.

Adaptive quantization varies the quantization within a frame on macroblock level to save more space. In two pass scenarios this can improve the overall quality quite a bit as the saved bitrate can be distributed over the whole encoding in the second pass.

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