Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Some more measurements on the Soshine T2 charger

I finally had my VC97 multimeter at hands and could take a closer look at the Soshine T2 charger (read the full review here). While reading reviews for the old Soshine H2 / H2V2 chargers I was afraid the charger may be not too good - but the values I got are indeed great!

The charger stops charging of LiIon correctly, slightly below 4.2V (my 14500 LiIon had 4.192V without load). The Soshine T2 properly stops charging and draws 5mA from the battery then; as it will start recharging at a certain threshold voltage, the battery cell will always stay "ready to use". When unplugging the charger, it seems like a good idea to remove the batteries, though.

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